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Draw upon my two decades of experience as a Graphic Designer.

My journey commenced many moons ago amidst the vibrant hub of Art Direction Advertising in Crows Nest, NSW. Guided by mentors Col and Steve, I worked on captivating projects for industry leaders such as NEC and Microsoft, including art directing photo shoots. Their mentorship propelled me into a realm of freelance opportunities, collaborating with diverse enterprises across various sectors.

In 2002, I ventured to Ottawa, Canada, where I embraced the challenge of designing in both French and English, broadening my skills and cultural understanding. Upon returning to Australia to nurture my growing family, I navigated the delicate balance between parenthood and the pursuit of design excellence – challenging!


As my kids grew up I also worked as a Sports & Athletics coach for about 10 years, and squeezed designing in too. Did I get burnt out? Occasionally! But we all live and learn. This was the era where I developed my sense of fun and understanding of the benefits of community spirit and inclusiveness. I also discovered it was ok to try other career paths, and that I was ultimately the happiest when problem-solving and designing for purpose.

I've now returned to full-time designing as the owner of Curnow Design. Specialising in Websites and Branding, I integrate my graphic design and coaching background with a fervent zest for life, infusing each project with energy and purpose. Committed to empowering my clients on their growth journey, I offer creativity, encouragement and steadfast support.

Trusted Partners

I'm dedicated, but I'm only one person! While I wish I could handle everything single-handedly, the truth is, I can't. Luckily, I have a network of trusted experts in the field who we can rely on to meet your needs.


Bec is certainly an intuitive marketer, and also shares her invaluable knowledge on her own podcast, blog and Youtube channel!

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Leah is my go-to-gal for all things photography. Whether it's a product or brand photoshoot, she is hands down one of the best in the biz!

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Bri stays up-to-date on the latest & greatest regarding all things Social. She also empowers & educates via her fabulous podcast.

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Rachel is an absolute master in SEO and provides in-depth keyword research and strategy to elevate your search engine rankings.

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